Advice / recommendations

  • Dress your child warmly: Hat, sunglasses, mittens, snowsuit, jumper.

  • Inform us of any health issues: asthma, allergies, ... 

  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended for children. 

  • For the welfare of your children, we ask you to give all the relevant information to the ski instructors, and also be aware of start and finish times.

  • The ESF of Les Carroz d’Araches is subscribed to a professional civil liability policy (responsabilité civile professionnelle ‘RC’) which covers its clients against damages caused by a third party during the time they are under the instructor’s responsibility. Please note: This insurance does not cover the following costs which clients of the ESF Les Carroz may be responsible for in the event of an accident: - Mountain rescue (evacuation from the mountain) ski patrol, Heli-copter. - Medical costs. - Damage to or theft of ski equipment. - The cost of unused lift tickets etc. It is for this reason that the ESF of Les Carroz recommends that its clients ensure they have necessary cover. If they are not The ESF Les Carroz recommends that its clients subscribe to an insurance policy which covers the above risks in order to ensure an enjoyable ski holiday without any inconvenience.     

  • The ESF does not insure the equipment. To avoid possible loss , theft or damage you are personally responsible for your equipment and possessions.

  • If lessons are stopped through no fault of ESF, no refund will be made.

  • Please arrive to the start of all lessons in good time (group or individual, delayed minutes are part of the lesson).